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  Kehilat She'ar Yashuv קהילת שאר ישוב is a Jewish Congregation based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where Jews and Gentiles are welcome to learn how to do teshuva (turn to the God of Israel). In other words, we are a house of prayer for all nations. We are part of the She'ar Yashuv Community Centre serving the greater community of Montreal. Our Shabbat services are held every Saturday at 10:30 AM.  We are Shomer Shabbat based upon Torah alone.  Our Rabbi teaches us how to apply the prinicples of Torah for today with the example laid down for us by our Messiah Yeshua.

Meet our Rabbi

In the reading Tetsaveh God tells Moshe to command the people to bring pure olive oil so that the light of the menorah can burn bright and clean.  What happens to us when there is too much smoke in an enclosed space? We too need to shine brightly so that all can see our light. It is time to think about this: do I want to hold onto my religion or do I want to follow the living God? Do I want to follow rules and regulations or the principles which our Creator has given to us to live an abundant life as our Messiah Yeshua told us?  Is God's Torah so evil that we need to destroy it as certain religions teach us? In Deut 30:19, God said, I have given these words for you to have life; I tell you today to choose life  Read more Drash Tetsaveh.  (listen to the full message on Youtube)

Rabbi Netanel Ben Yochanan - Ranebi רנב''י  (Rabbi Percy Johnson) is the spiritual leader of this community  He came to the understanding early in his life that Yeshua is indeed the Jewish Messiah not only for Jews but for the entire world. The Rabbi teaches principles from Torah in a non-religious way so that we, his talmidim can apply its wisdom to our daily lives while having a sincere relationship with G-d.  His slogan is "no to religion, yes to G-d!" The concept for the Jewish Community Centers for believers in Yeshua came to him over the 38 years ago when he began to develop them around the world. These are places where Torah -observant Jews and non-Jews who believe that Yeshua is Messiah ben Joseph can feel welcome.  Rabbi Netanel is dedicated to mentoring and building up young leaders for the future. He also has many years of experience as a chaplain in both the army and prison system; he is an effective mediator and expert in crisis management as well as being a skilful counsellor in pre-marital, marriage, personal and family matters. He is especially skilled in marriage counseling and has helped many marriages which were failing. His desire is to prevent people from making one of the worst mistake of their lives — marrying the wrong person. (See Rabbi's Services)  

From the Rabbi's Desk

Israel is once again at the center of world attention today. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, Israel always makes the news. This past week in the United Nations, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon received a report and declared that Israel is guilty of killing the Spanish soldier in South Lebanon. Israel immediately acknowledged that their responsibility; they didn’t deny it. Now this is very important — Israel had announced ahead of time as is their practice that they were going to begin to fire warning the Spanish peace keepers to take cover. The only one who died is the lone Spanish soldier who remained because he wanted to watch the action from the tower. Now Israel is being condemned by the UN and will receive another infraction. On the other hand, ISIS has murdered 27 Coptic Christians in clear sight of the world as well as thousands of people but that is okay for the UN; Hamas and Hezbollah murder daily but that is okay for the UN; Syria has killed millions of their own people but that is okay for the UN; the situation in Afghanistan does not get a mention and now a young man murdered in Venezuela this week didn’t merit a word from the UN! These are all countries which condemn Israel. Today the world has lost the turpitude to take action because of the need to be religiously and politically correct. We can no longer call evil for what it is because we don’t want to insult anyone. We have changed the moral values that we are being taught in the Torah, because we are afraid to be clear about what is right and wrong. The wars caused by the modern day Amalekites are not really directed against Israel but against the God of Israel.  We remember this as we look forward to celebrating Purim this week.  The book of Esther shows that the Hamans of this world will be defeated and that Israel has the right to defend herself. The name of God is not mentioned in the book of Esther but He is everywhere behind the scenes as He is today.  The God of Israel will always defeat the enemies of His people and in the meantime, we need to allow our lights to shine brightly in the darkness so that others will be drawn away from the darkness and evil and into the light of God’s Torah.

Our Community

  Our men pray for strength
and protection


Our women prepared Purim baskets


Our Children are looking forward to Purm



Our whole community wishes you

Chag Purim Sameach

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Join us for our Shabbat services
at 10:30 AM Saturday mornings.

All nationalities are welcome

 כי ביתי בית  תפלה יקרא לכל העמים

..For My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7)

Services are held at 8255 Mountain Sights suite 225, Montreal QC
(two blocks from metro de la Savanne station).

Oneg begins around 12:30 PM and Torah study around 2:00 PM

Shabbat School for children ages 3-7 is held during morning message.


Your donations are appreciated and
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Are you ready to be challenged about your understanding about Religion, Torah and the G-d of Israel?

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Participate in the rabbi's Webex online Torah Studies

Open forum to bring your questions about 

the differences of how Christians and Jews

view the Messiah. 

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Classes in Spanish on line and in house Tuesdays at 7 PM

and in English on line only  Wednesdays at 8 PM


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Premarital Counselling

Our Rabbi recommends 6 months of pre-marital counselling before making the most important decision you will every make—a lifetime commitment. It is important to find out if you are well suited to one another. You owe it to yourselves and to your loved ones to spend at least as much time on making your relationship work as you would purchasing a home or car. Your happiness and that of your future children are at stake.

Our experienced team is down to earth, fun to work with and we can help you with your Jewish Wedding ceremony, one that  will meet your needs.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to set up a preliminary interview. You will be happy that you did.  

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Shabbat Lighting Times

Montreal, Qc
Parashat  HaShavuah 
Weekly Torah Portions 

February 28, 2015
9 Adar I ט 

Tetzaveh תצוה   
(You are to order)

Shabbat Zachor

Shemot (Ex.)
Devarim (Deut.)

Yechezkel (Ez.)
Sh’muel א
(1 Samuel)




March 07, 2015
Ki tissa  כי תשא
(When you take)

Shemot (Ex.)

Melachim א




March 14, 2015
23 Adar I כג 5775
Vayakhel  ויקהל  
Pekudei     פקודי  
(He assembled)

Shabbat Parah
(Red Heifer)

Shemot (Ex.)
35:1- 40:38
Bamidbar (Num.)


Yechezkel (Eze.)

Chazak, Chazak, Venit'chazek!
חזק חזק ונתחזק
Be strong, be strong,
and let us be strengthened!



March 21, 2015
01 Nissan א
Shabbat Hachodesh
Rosh Chodesh Nisan

Vayikra (Lev.)

Yeshayahu (Is.)
Yechezkel (Eze.)



March 28, 2015
8 Nissan ח
Tzav-  צו  
Give an order
Shabbat HaGadol

Vayikra (Lev.)
Deut. 25:17-19

Malachi (Mal.)






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