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  Kehilat She'ar Yashuv קהילת שאר ישוב is a Jewish Congregation based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where Jews and Gentiles are welcome to learn how to do teshuva (turn to the God of Israel). In other words, we are a house of prayer for all nations. We are part of the She'ar Yashuv Community Centre serving the greater community of Montreal. Our Shabbat services are held every Saturday at 10:30 AM.  We are Shomer Shabbat based upon Torah alone.  Our Rabbi teaches us how to apply the prinicples of Torah for today with the example laid down for us by our Messiah Yeshua.

Meet our Rabbi

Everyone is seeking the ultimate weapon to destroy Israel. People think that Israel is dependent upon the super-powers of her survival. Our survival depends solely upon our Creator. When you mess with Israel, you mess with the Creator.  Sadly Israel, with all its freedom, still wishes to be like all the other nations. This is a call for self-destruction. This behavior will do us more harm from within than from all our outside enemies.  We need to be right with God; we do not need to be religious; we need the right morals values instead of being politically, socially or religiously correct. The majority is not necessarily right as democracy teaches for that only opens the door for the blind to lead the blind. What practical lessons can we learn from Balak?  Read more in Drash Balak.   (Watch the full messages on YouTube)

Rabbi Netanel Ben Yochanan - Ranebi רנב''י  (Rabbi Percy Johnson) is the spiritual leader of this community  He came to the understanding early in his life that Yeshua is indeed the Jewish Messiah not only for Jews but for the entire world. The Rabbi teaches principles from Torah in a non-religious way so that we, his talmidim can apply its wisdom to our daily lives while having a sincere relationship with G-d.  His slogan is "say no to religion, say yes to G-d!"

The concept for the Jewish Community Centers for believers in Yeshua came to him over the 38 years ago when he began to develop them around the world. These are places where Torah -observant Jews and non-Jews who believe that Yeshua is Messiah ben Joseph can feel welcome. 

Rabbi Netanel is dedicated to mentoring and building up young leaders for the healthy future of Kahal Israel. He also has many years of experience as a chaplain in both the army and prison system; he is an effective mediator and expert in crisis management as well as being a skilful counsellor in pre-marital, marriage, personal and family matters.

Rabbi Netanel is especially skilled in marriage counseling and has helped many marriages which were failing. His desire is to prevent people from making one of the worst mistake of their lives — and that is marrying the wrong person.

From the Rabbi's Desk

With this most recent ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States granting the right of same-sex marriages, begs the question that perhaps we are confusing the sanctity of marriage with the desire to give certain people the same conjugal tax benefits that are granted to hetero-sexual married couples. Couldn’t those same-sex couples simply sign a paper granting them the rights of civil union without having to violate that which is clearly wrong as laid out in Torah?  Perhaps those of us who stand for Biblical Truths might not object to this since it then can be regarded as a mere transaction between two people. From my vantage point, the same rights should be given to any two adults such as a parent and child, two siblings or even two friends who have chosen to share the expenses of living together. Why shouldn’t they also receive these tax benefits?

When we want to include God into this equation because it is He who has formulated marriage, we are misusing His name since He clearly teaches us in Torah that a union between two people of the same sex is wrong in His eyes. It is neither about being holier than thou nor touting that we are better than anyone else but it is calling a spade a spade. I am tired of political correctness and the fear of calling things for what they are. In the end we will make a mockery of society and of our Creator who made marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman.  My intention is not to judge how anyone chooses to live in the privacy of their own homes, neither do I condemn them as people nor desire to kill them; I simply object to having this philosophy shoved down my throat and imposed upon me, my children and my community.


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 כי ביתי בית  תפלה יקרא לכל העמים

..For My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7)

Services are held at 8255 Mountain Sights suite 225, Montreal QC
(two blocks from metro de la Savanne station).

Oneg begins around 12:30 PM and Torah study around 2:00 PM

Shabbat School for children ages 3-7 is held during morning message.


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Classes in Spanish on line and in house Tuesdays at 7 PM

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Premarital Counselling

Our Rabbi recommends 6 months of pre-marital counselling before making the most important decision you will every make—a lifetime commitment. It is important to find out if you are well suited to one another. You owe it to yourselves and to your loved ones to spend at least as much time on making your relationship work as you would purchasing a home or car. Your happiness and that of your future children are at stake.

Our experienced team is down to earth, fun to work with and we can help you with your Jewish Wedding ceremony, one that  will meet your needs.

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Parashat  HaShavuah 
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11 Jul 2015
24 Tammuz 5775    
Numbers 25:10-30:1    
1 Kings 18:46-19:21


18 Jul 2015
2 Av 5775
Numbers 30:2-36:13
Jeremiah 1:1-2:3



25 Jul 2015
9 Av 5775
Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22
Isaiah 1:1-27



01 Aug 2015
16 Av 5775
Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11
Isaiah 40:1-26



08 Aug 2015
23 Av 5775
Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25
Isaiah 49:14-51:3



15 Aug 2015
30 Av 5775
Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17
Isaiah 66:1-24


22 Aug 2015
7 Elul 5775
Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9
Isaiah 51:12-52:12