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Parashat Mattot-Masei 5780

Keep your Word! Tammuz 26 5780 These two portions, Mattot (Tribes) – Masei (Journeys) end the fourth book of the Torah Bamidbar (Numbers). Mattot emphasizes the subject of vows. Our people, Israel had made a vow to “do and obey” the Ten Commandments that Moshe had brought down from Mt. Sinai. These tablets, the Constitution […]

Parashat Mattot-Masei 5776

What is our responsibility as human beings? 2 Av 5776 בלוג מַּטּוֹת – מַסְעֵי, ב” אב, תשע”ו The double portion Mattot-Maasei “tribes-journeys” ends the book of Numbers and begins with the idea of vows. Yeshua told us in Matthew 5:37 in his Sermon of the Mount that we should not swear about anything but that […]