Our Community Services, Activies and Programs


Inter-community Services

a.    You are welcome to celebrate our Special Events with us. They will be announced on our Home Page
b.    Join us for Shabbat, High Holidays and traditional holidays
c.    We are building community through casual get-togethers, activities and social aid for community members. As a community we are committed to helping out the members of our community who are in need. Many of our members have been rejected by family and friends for their belief in Messiah Yeshua.  We assist on a case by case basis.

We teach our children under age 7 during Shabbat at Shabbat School
We prepare our sons and daughters for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

The Rabbi has regular Torah studies on Shabbat designed for us to learn how to live and love Torah as fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua.— faith in the God of Israel without the added burdens of man-made religion. Rabbi hosts weekly Torah studies in English and Spanish on line through Webex. For your invitation please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Other courses and conferences will be announced on our Home Page

Biblical Hebrew classes are available dependent on the amount of students. Please contact our office.  These classes will help you to read and write and understand the wonderful hidden meanings in Torah.


Our Rabbi is a spiritual counselor trained in pre-marital and marital counseling as well as family counseling. He has worked in mediation and crisis management as well as in cases of drug dependency and prison chaplaincy.  Please feel free to contact us for a consultation with the Rabbi.

Judaica Shop

We carry many items such as:
a.    Judaica directly from Israel
b.    Jewellery to reflect our faith in G-d
c.    Books: excellent resource material for spiritual growth and education
d.    DVD’s and Music CD’s

You are welcome to come in during the week to browse and shop. Call first to be sure someone is available to assist you.


There is a common misconception that it is not Jewish to believe in Yeshua. This is a misguided myth. When Yeshua lived in Israel, all his followers were Jewish. In the first century, after his death and resurrection, his first followers were mostly Jewish and were zealous for Torah. They understood that he was the fulfillment and embodiment of Torah. They continued all the requirements that Torah called for such as circumcision, kashrut, celebrating Shabbat and the Biblical Feasts.

Normative Jews often denigrate Jews who believe in Yeshua and consider them stricken, outcast or dead.  Jews who believe in Yeshua are often accused of living as Jews simply to deceive the larger Jewish community in the hopes of ultimately converting them to another religion. While it can be said that Hebrew Christians and the larger Messianic Jewish community adhere to many Christian doctrines, it is not the case in our community. Anyone who believes in a Messiah can be called Messianic and today this term has been hijacked. Belief in the Jewish Messiah should bring Jews closer to the G-d of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov not assimilate them into another religion or culture.

She'ar Yashuv does not attempt to convert Jews to Christianity nor do we convert people to Judaism. She'ar Yashuv is living proof that a Jewish person can believe in Yeshua Ha Mashiach and remain fully Jewish and live a Jewish life. Yeshua's followers have had numerous experiences of being physically beaten, spit on, and terrorized by ‘normative Jews’ for their belief in him. A people who have undergone such persecution throughout history should not persecute their own. She'ar Yashuv engages in various efforts and initiatives to combat such spiritual bigotry.

Other organizations in Israel we believe are worthy of your donations:

ZAKA is a humanitarian voluntary organization, coordinating nearly 1000 volunteers responding to tragic incidents in Israel. ZAKA has emerged as the dominant rescue, life-saving and recovery non-governmental organization in Israel, working alongside law enforcement and emergency personnel in responding to incidents of terrorism, accidents or disasters. She'ar Yashuv  is so proud of ZAKA Foundation for being one of the first international search and rescue teams to arrive in Haiti. We encourage you to donate to them so that they can continue to help others.

One Family Fund  http://www.onefamilyfund.org/ assists families in the land of Israel whose lives have been devastated through terror; perhaps you may wish to donate as well. Thank you

Me'al U'mei-Ever (Cheletz) Above and Beyond, Ltd [a Charitable] Corporation helping believers in Yeshua in the land of Israel. Donations can be made through Kehilat She'ar Yashuv.