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כִּי בֵיתִי בֵּית-תְּפִלָּה יִקָּרֵא לְכָל-הָעַמִּים
“…for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” Isaiah 56:7b

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Have you thrown the baby out with the bathwater?

People who have become disillusioned by religion tend to throw God out when they walk away from their religions, whether Christianity, Judaism or any other. There is another way. You don’t have to throw away a relationship with the Creator of the universe, the Bore Olam because you don’t agree with aspects of those religions which have so many rules and regulations. The Torah holds the principles for all mankind on how to live a rich and fulfilled life bringing peace and harmony. It was not written only for the Jewish people rather it was given to us so that we could bring to the whole world. Why go back to spiritual and mental slavery when the Creator gave us bechirah chofshit, free will, and wants us to be free?

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