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A Warning to Israel…and the nations!

Blog Balaq Tammuz 17 5779 בלוג בָּלָק, י”ז תמוז תשע”ט The portion Balaq is named after the Gentile King of the Moabites. Our traditions teach us that Bilaam was the grandson of Lavan, the father of Rebekah. Beor, the son of Lavan, was Bilaam’s father. Having come from the same area as Avinu Avraham, they […]

Can You Comfort a Friend?

Blog Chukkat Tammuz 10 5779 בלוג חֻקַּת, י’ תמוז תשע”ט Chukkat comes from the Hebrew word chok – חוק which means statute, ordinance or regulation that alludes to the fact that there is no clear understanding of the meaning. Even King Solomon in all his wisdom could not explain how something unclean could make something […]