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Ha’azinu 5777

13 Tishrei  5777  פרשת הַאֲזִינוּ, י”ג תשרי, תשע”ז This song or poem, Ha’azinu needs to be understood, taken to heart and applied to our lives. In it we get a glimpse of the history of Israel from being slaves in Egypt to becoming a nation. Israel would fail our Creator time and time again as […]

Vayelech 5777

6 Tishrei  5777 פרשת  וַיֵּלֶךְ We are at a very important time of the year, the ten intermediary days between Rosh Hashanah or Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur.  We call these days Yamim Norayim, the awesome days or Yamim Teshuva, the days of returning to God. This parashah is very short but filled with meat […]

Is it a sin or a crime?

Blog Vayelech  6 Tishrei 5777 The Creator has given each of us “bechira chofshi” free will. This means that we are responsible for our own actions. Today however in this world, we have eliminated the idea of “sin” and replaced it with the notion of “crime”. This causes our society to be secular, devoid of […]

¿Es un pecado o un crimen?

Blog Vayelej 6 de Tishrei 5777 El Creador ha dado a cada uno de nosotros “bejira jofshi” – libre albedrío. Esto significa que somos responsables de nuestras propias acciones. Hoy, sin embargo en este mundo, hemos eliminado la idea de “pecado” y lo hemos  reemplazado con la noción de “crimen”. Esto hace que nuestra sociedad […]

Mensaje por el año 5777

Este es primer blog en el Año Nuevo judío 5777. Según nuestras tradiciones las fiestas de Otoño se les da una gran importancia y tienen una calidad muy espiritual tanto positiva como negativa para nuestro pueblo. Hay una sensación de pesadez que sentimos como cuando hacemos nuestros balances personales  y nuestros saldos durante el último […]

Message for the year 5777

This is first blog in the Jewish New Year 5777. The High Holidays are always very spiritually charged both positively and negatively for our people.  There is a heaviness that we feel as we do our personal checks and balances for the past year in the same way that we do in our businesses to […]

Nitzavim 5776

28 Elul  5776  פרשת נִצָּבִים, כ”ח אלול, תשע”ו This is the last portion before we start our High Holidays which is spiritually charged both positively and negatively for the Jewish people.  There is a heaviness that we feel for it the time when we do our checks and balances for the past year. Many businesses […]