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La Canción de la Vida

Parashá Ha’azinu (“Escuchen”)  5782 Parashá Ha’azinu es el cántico con el cual Moisés se despide del pueblo de Israel después de haberlo guiado por el desierto y estando próximo a morir. Este cántico describe y sintetiza la historia de nuestro pueblo y su relación con el Creador. Aquí Moisés habla mayormente del futuro, pero sin olvidar […]

The Song of Life

Parashat Ha’azinu 5782 Parashat Ha’azinu is the song in which Moshe says goodbye to the people of Israel after having led them through the desert and is now approaching his death. This song describes the history of our people and their relationship with the Creator in a nutshell. Here Moshe speaks mostly about the future, […]

Yom Kippur 10 Tishrei 5782 In Jewish tradition, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is the holiest day of the year; however, the Torah says that all the Moedim, God’s Appointed Times hold equal value.  It is believed that on this special day we will be forgiven for all our sins as if there is only one day when can […]

A Sin or a Crime?

Blog Vayelech 5 Tishrei 5782 This is the intermediary Shabbat between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur. Vayelech is very short but full of meat and meaning. Moshe is reminding us that at 120 years of age he won’t be allowed to enter the Promised Land with his children. How difficult that must have been for […]