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Do we live a balanced life?

Parashat Vayechi 5782 This portion Vayechi, “and he lived” alludes to an important part of the essence of being human on this physical plane: LIFE.  Life is a cycle, and there is a saying in Spanish: “There is no evil that lasts 100 years” referring to the fact that life experiences are not eternal, they are […]

Forgiveness is Reconciliation Parashat Vayigash 5782 Everyone who has read last week’s Parashat Miketz has been eagerly awaiting the outcome of the meeting between Joseph and his brothers. In this Parashah Vayigash, the suspense ends with the long-awaited finale of the story of Joseph and his brothers. Finally, Joseph reveals to them that he is their brother, […]

Blog Vayishlach 5782

Bereshit 32: 4-36: 43 In this week’s parashah Vayishlach, we read about: Jacob’s message to Esau before finding him; about Jacob’s fight with an angel; the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau; Dina’s dishonor being avenged by her brothers; God blessing Jacob at Bethel; Rachel’s death; Isaac’s death and about the sons of Jacob as well […]