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Do You Compromise the Creator’s Moral Va

Blog Chukkat – Balak Tammuz 12 5780 בלוג חֻקַּת –בָּלָק, י”ב תמוז תש”פ Chukkat means an ordinance that we do not understand but we need to keep, out of sheer obedience to the Creator. Here we read about the parah adumah – פָרָה אֲדֻמָּ, red heifer, which was “innocent, whole, complete, blameless, simple, etc” (תְּמִימָה […]

Are You Seeking Recognition?

Blog Korach Tammuz 5 5780 בלוג קֹרַח, ה’ תמוז תש”פ Are You Seeking Recognition? The story of Korach – קֹרַח takes place at the end of the second year at Mt. Sinai, where the people of Israel were being formed as a new nation, recently freed from slavery. The Creator began forming this new nation […]

Blog Shelach Lekha Sivan 28 5780 בלוג שְׁלַח-לְךָ,כ”ח סיון תש”פ Learning to Live Without Fear There are a couple of “gold nuggets” to glean from this portion, Shelach. Moshe sent one chieftain from each of the twelve tribes, leaders who were respected by the people to check out the land they were about to enter. […]

Light Shines Brighter…

…where there is More Darkness. This portion Beha’alotekha contains many important themes that we can apply today. Judaism teaches us that free will gives us the capacity to think for ourselves. Rabbi Yeshua told us, “Many will be called but few will be chosen”. The Creator may call us for a special purpose, but it […]

Are You Fulfilling Your Calling?

Blog Naso Sivan 14 5780, בלוג נָשֹׂא, י”ד סיון תש”פ Parashat Naso נָשֹׂא continues with the counting the children of Levi and the Creator appointing specific functions to the children of Levi as well as to each of the twelve tribes. Israel was called “The Chosen People” because they were chosen by the Creator to […]

“We will Do, and We will Obey”

Blog Shavuot Second Day Sivan 7 5780 בלוג שָׁבֻעֹת שני, ז’ סיון תש”פ Due to Shavuot this portion lies outside the regular Torah readings and speaks of bringing a second tithe for those who have special needs such as the widow, the orphan and the foreigner. The Creator wants us to give with a willing […]

We are Called to Serve, Not to be Served...

Blog Bamidbar Iyar 29th 5780 בלוג בְּמִדְבַּר, כ”ט אייר תש”פ Bamidbar (In the Desert), also called Numbers is a book that deals less with rules and regulations and is more about the development of Israel as a community during their last thirty-eight years in the desert. The journey was supposed to take eleven days but […]

He Who Lives by the Sword…

…will Die by the Sword Blog Behar Bechukotai Iyar 22 5780  בְּהַר – בְּחֻקֹּתַי, כ”ב אייר  תש”פ This double portion Behar (At the Mountain) – Bechukotai (My Ordinances) is short but full of meat. The Creator called the people of Israel His “avadim – עֲבָדִים”, servants or in the singular, “eved – עֶבֶד” which might […]

The Torah is Alive!

Blog Emor Iyar 15 5780 בלוג אֱמֹר, ט”ו אייר תש”פ This portion, Emor (Speak) deals with the many rules and regulations for the Cohanim. How do we apply this to our lives today? I teach our community to live the Torah, the instructions given to us by the Bore Olam, our Creator. Most of us […]

True Morality Comes from above, Not from...

Blog Acharei Mot- Kedoshim Iyar 8 5780 בלוג אַחֲרֵי מוֹת-קְדֹשִׁים, ח’ אייר תש”פ True Morality Comes from above, Not from Us! Acharei Mot (After the death) speaks about the tragic death of Aaron’s two sons. This is followed by the rules for the rituals at Yom Kippur so that no one else would meet with […]