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Parashat Behar 5782

It’s a matter of Trust! 20 Iyar 5782     To hear the recorded message click on: Our Rabbi Netanel, Ranebi repeated that the Torah is not chronological, it’s not historical although our history is within its pages. He reminded us that when we read it, to look at it as a mosaic. When we get too close […]

Parashat Emor 5782

14 Iyar 5782 To hear our Rabbi’s live recorded message, click on: Parashat Emor speaks of the importance of the role of the kehunat, the priesthood, of Israel.  Moses was told to tell his older brother Aaron that he would be the Cohen HaGadol, the head of this priesthood. How could Aaron have been chosen […]

Parashat Achare Mot 5782

29 Nisan 5782 To hear full recorded message, click on It was You who opened springs and streams; You dried up the ever-flowing rivers. The day is Yours, and yours also the night; You established the sun and moon. It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth; You made both summer […]

Pesach Day One 5782

15 Nisan 5782 Click on the link to listen to the recorded message: The Significance of Pesach For one moment let’s forget everything that we think we know about Pesach and allow ourselves to see another perspective. Imagine that night; the people were all in their homes, whether Israelite or non-Israelite, whether slave or […]

Parashat Metzora 5782

To watch recorded message, click on The Power of the Tongue This week’s parashah, Metzora, is one of the most detailed regarding how to treat various bodily processes that are natural such as illnesses, secretions, etc. and considered to be impure. The book of Vayikra in general, particularly this parashah, not only deals with […]

Parashat Tazria 5782

1 Nisan 5782 To listen to the recording, click We are in the weeks before Pesach and always before this Moed, many of us find ourselves in a greater spiritual battle than usual. This is normal.  We are not only cleaning the chametz (yeast) out of our homes, but we are also cleaning it out of […]

Parashat Shemini 5782

To listen to message from Ranebi’s message on 29 Nisan 5778, click on link: Who are we trying to impress? Parashat Shemini is a very difficult portion and its stories have been used by religions to promote their own dogmas and doctrines. It is always important to understand the lessons of these stories so […]

Parashat Tzav 5782

2 Adar ll 5782   What is a True Offering? I’ve adapted today’s drash on Tzav from a message that our Rabbi, Ranebi brought us in 5780 – 2 years ago.  Here’s is his message for us today.  This week in Parashat Tzav, which means “He commands”, Aaron and his children, the cohanim, were taught in detail […]

Parashat Vayikra 5782

9 Adar ll 5782 Leviticus 1: 1 – 5:26 The Book of Vayikra (Leviticus), which we are beginning this week, is also called Torat HaKohanim, instructions for the Priests. It mostly deals with the Korbanot (the offerings) to be presented in the Mishkan (Tabernacle). Vayikra is a book that from the very beginning, from the […]