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High Holiday Services 5780

Erev Rosh Hashanah Sunday evening September 29th We celebrate at home Rosh Hashanah Service Monday, September 30th 11:00 AM at Congregation Erev Yom Kippur Kol Nidrei Service Tuesday, October 8th 7:30 PM at Congregation Yom Kippur Service Wednesday, October 9th 11:00 AM at Congregation Neilah Service Breaking of the fast 6:00 PM at Rabbi’s home […]

How to Apply the Ten Commandments to our...

Blog Ki Tetze Elul 14 5779 בלוג כִּי-תֵצֵא, י”ד אלול תשע”ט Parashat Ki Tetze contains 74 injunctions…more regulations than in any other portion of the Torah. They seem to be written haphazardly with no rhyme or reason. In my understanding, they are all applications of the original Ten Commandments which are the basis to comprehend […]

What are Your Idols?

Blog Re’eh Av 30 5779 בלוג רְאֵה, ל’ אב, תשע”ט In this portion, Re’eh, Moshe repeats the warning that we are not to add or take anything away from God’s Word; yet most religious groups do exactly that, insisting that they are right while the rest are wrong. I believe that we are the ones […]

The True Way to Serve the Bore Olam

Blog Vaetchanan 5779 16 Av 5779 בלוג וָאֶתְחַנַּן, ט׳׳ז אב תשע׳׳ט The fifth book of the Bible, Deuteronomy was written by Moshe Rabeinu to help the new generation continue on their journey without him. In this portion Vaetchanan, he is pleading with his people, like a father exhorts his children, to remember and do all […]

Are We For or Against the Creator?

Blog Pinchas Tammuz 24 5779 בלוג פִּינְחָס, כ”ד תמוז תשע”ט At the beginning of this parashah, which was named after him, Pinchas took his spear and pierced through Zimri and Kozbi to deflect the anger of the Creator against the people of Israel for their behavior. He did what the judges were told to do […]

A Warning to Israel…and the nations!

Blog Balaq Tammuz 17 5779 בלוג בָּלָק, י”ז תמוז תשע”ט The portion Balaq is named after the Gentile King of the Moabites. Our traditions teach us that Bilaam was the grandson of Lavan, the father of Rebekah. Beor, the son of Lavan, was Bilaam’s father. Having come from the same area as Avinu Avraham, they […]

Can You Comfort a Friend?

Blog Chukkat Tammuz 10 5779 בלוג חֻקַּת, י’ תמוז תשע”ט Chukkat comes from the Hebrew word chok – חוק which means statute, ordinance or regulation that alludes to the fact that there is no clear understanding of the meaning. Even King Solomon in all his wisdom could not explain how something unclean could make something […]

With Whom Do You Stand!

Blog Korach Tammuz 3 5779 בלוג קֹרַח, ג’ תמוז תשע”ט The story of Korach, the cousin of Moshe Rabeinu, shows us the problems that can arise in our families when we do not communicate but instead attack because we have not clarified our issues. Korach was a leader and it seems that he was quite […]