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Parashat Vayetze 5783

9 Kislev 5783 What does Jacob’s Ladder Symbolize? The beauty that I find in our community, Kehilat She’ar Yashuv and that our rabbi always brought to our attention is that we are not a religious group that censors outside ideas and that although we have unity, we are not stuck in uniformity in how […]

Parashat Toldot 5783

2 Kislev 5783 Rejoice, O barren one! Isaiah 54:1 says: “Sing, barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband, says the LORD.” Today, many of us […]

Parashat Vayera 5783

18 Cheshvan 5783 Am I compromising my integrity? To set the stage of the message for today, allow me to give you a little history about Parashah Vayera. Abram has now become Abraham and Sarai, Sarah. There’s a very interesting narrative in chapters 18 and 22 which are important in light of religions creating and […]

Parashat Lech Lecha 5783

11 Cheshvan 5783 Lech Lecha: Meet and listen to the call The recorded message: The Zohar interprets the opening words of this parashah, Lech Lecha, as “going to yourself”. “Lech” means “to go” and “Lecha” means “to yourself”. Therefore, according to mystical thought, the first crucial step in life is to go inward, within […]

Parashat Noah 5783

4 Cheshvan 5783 Are you building your ark? The Recorded message: This week the tire of my car blew out on the street. I hadn’t changed one for years, and at the beginning I choked a bit, not because I didn’t know how to do the job, but because the lug nuts were so […]

Parashat Bereshit 5783

27 Tishrei 5783 taken from message from Ranebi on 27 Tishrei  5777    Recording: Do we think the Creator doesn’t see us?  The Torah is filled with stories that hold universal teachings for humanity. One such story is in Parashat Bereshit in Chapter 4, in which we read about two brothers, Cain and Abel, the first […]

Hoshana Rabah 5783

20 Tishrei 5783 To listen to the message, click on Sukkot is without a doubt the most colorful of the holidays in the Jewish calendar. This festival lasts seven days during which we are to live in a Sukkah. Throughout our history, our sages have developed a variety of ways to celebrate and to […]

Parashat Haazinu 5783

13 Tishrei 5783 To watch recording: Who is a Jew? Who is a Jew? This question came up twice during this week alone. The first time, when I was surfing YouTube, I saw a video entitled The Secret to Jewish Survival and the next day I received an article written by a Hebrew Christian […]

Parashat Vayelech 5783

6 Tishrei 5783 What does it mean “ To Fear God”? To hear recorded message, click on: The context of this parashah, according to our sages, is that it takes place on the last day of Moshe’s life on this physical plane. He is aware that he is going to die that very day, […]