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A True Offering

Blog Tzav Nissan 10 5780 בלוג צַו, י’ ניסן תש”פ Last week in Vayikra “And He called” we learned that He called the community to bring the Korbanot, the offerings to Him. This week in Parashat Tzav, “He commands” Aaron and his children, the Cohanim, how to offer the Korbanot. They would perform and teach […]

We Have Been Called!

Blog Vayikra Nisan 3 5780 בלוג וַיִּקְרָא, ג’ ניסן תש”פ This book Vayikra – “And He called”- better known as the book of Leviticus, is also called the Book of the Cohanim. It has three themes: 1) the Korbanot, the offerings 2) Tahor and Tamei, what is clean and unclean, proper and improper and 3) […]

Be Strong! Be Strong! Be Strengthened!

Blog Vayakhel Pikudei Adar 25 5780 בלוג וַיַּקְהֵל פְקוּדֵי, כ”ה אדר תש”פ חזק חזק ונתחזק Chazak! Chazak! V’nitchazek! At this time of the reading of this double portion Vayakhel Pikudei which ends the Book of Shemot, as we do with each Book of the Torah, we say, חזק חזק ונתחזק Chazak! Chazak! V’nitchazek! Be Strong! […]

Do Not Look for Excuses!

Parashat Ki Tissa begins “when you take a census…” referred to the counting of the men, 20 years and older, who would serve in the Israeli army, demonstrating the confidence that we had in our own strength. The Creator asked Israel “not” to take a census unless He specifically called for one, to show us […]

What Unites Us?

Blog Terumah Adar 4 5780 בלוג תְּרוּמָה, ד’ אדר תש”פ The last parashah ends with Moshe going up Mt. Sinai where he will remain 40 days and 40 nights receiving the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Suddenly the Torah jumps to Parashat Terumah which will deal with the description of the building of the Mishkan. […]

Pride or Humility?

Blog Yitro Shevat 20 5780 בלוג יִתְרוֹ, כ’ שבט תש”פ In this portion, Yitro, we received the Ten Commandments, the constitution for Israel as well as for the entire world. There is so much to learn from the revelation of the Bore Olam but sadly His principles have been warped by elitists who have separated […]

Is your Past a Stumbling block?

Beshalach , Shevat 13 5780 בלוג בְּשַׁלַּח, י”ג שבט תש”פ Parashat Beshalach begins with the Pharaoh “sending” the Israelites out of Egypt, notice that this was not the Creator. For about 80-90 years, they had been slaves to their Egyptian masters, living under a very oppressive regime after the new Pharaoh had ascended the throne. […]