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Will the real Jesus please stand up!

Blog Re’eh 30 Av 5776      פרשת רְאֵה ל” אב, תשע”ו I have tried over these past many years and am still diligently working on bringing our Messiah Yeshua not only to my own Jewish people but also to the non-Jews.  There is a great misunderstanding by both communities about who Yeshua really is. However, […]

What is more important…

— the External Appearance or the Real One? Blog Ekev  5776   בלוג  עֵקֶב , כ”ג אב, תשע”ו     Most of us spend far more time preoccupied with our outward appearance than with what is inside. I have long been teaching you “say no to religion, yes to the Creator” but the majority prefers religion […]

There is only one God

Blog Va’etchanan  16 Av  5776 In Deuteronomy Moshe explained to his people that they were a privileged nation and needed to take heed of the Creator’s Words reminding them that no other nation had such a God and Protector who would be with them always.  He advised them to teach this to their children throughout […]

To obey and to do…

… is more important than to memorize and to wait. Blog Devarim 9 Av  5776  דְּבָרִים  בלוג The Torah is the Almighty’s revelation to us and is to be regarded as the source of the principles for everyone to live by.   It was not only for that generation that stood at the base of Mount […]

Fanaticism or Faithfulness?

Blog Pinchas  24 Tammuz 5776 There is much for today to learn from the story of Pinchas.  The Creator had given Moshe instructions to put a stop to the sin of harlotry that the Israelites were committing. Moshe was fed up and did nothing.  Pinchas took matters into his own hands and put a spear […]

“Prophet or Manipulator?”

Blog Balak 17 Tammuz  5776  The Torah teaches us that manipulation is like sorcery and this would best describe Bilaam the Gentile prophet. King Balak realized that Israel could not be stopped from conquering the land through traditional methods or standard weapons as most of the Arab nations are learning today because there is a […]

In whom do you trust?

Blog Shelach   26 Sivan 5776   I have been in Montreal since 1992 through highs and lows, having been attacked on all sides but the worst thing I experienced is “lashon hara” – לשון הרע – the evil tongue.  Rashi explained that lashon hara was the reason that the chieftains that Moshe sent to scout […]