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Are we Slaves to Anyone or Anything?

Blog Va’era Tevet 28 5780 בלוג וָאֵרָא, כ”ח טבת תש”פ In this parashah, Va’era which means “He appeared”, the Creator appeared to Moshe and told him that He had made Himself known to his forefathers as El Shaddai, which has the idea of nurturing like a breast-feeding mother (shad means breast) but now the Israelites […]

Are We Still Limited by our Past?

Blog Shemot Tevet 21 5780 בלוג שְׁמוֹת, כ”א טבת תש”פ In Parashat Shemot, the nation of Israel is being developed, beginning with the circumstances that led to the “yetziah יציאה – the exodus” from Egypt. The answer to the question “why did Israel need to be born as a nation from the womb of slavery?” […]

Listen! Pay Attention!

Blog Vayigash Tevet 7 5780 בלוג וַיִּגַּשׁ, ז’ טבת תש”פ Parashat Vayigash shows us the results of true communication as well as how tragedy helps to form our characters. Tragedy can turn out to be a blessing forcing us to go in a direction that we never imagined, even though it is difficult to see […]

Looks are Deceiving

Blog Miketz 5780 Kislev 30 5780 בלג מקץ, ל׳ כסלו תש׳׳פ In this parashah Miketz, the brothers acknowledge what they did to Joseph when they sold him to Egypt after planning to kill him. They lied to their father and held that secret from him for many years. Joseph had been wrenched from the comfort […]

With Whom Do You Associate?

Blog Vayishlach KISLEV 16 5780 בלוג וַיִּשְׁלַח, ט”ז כסלו תש”פ In Parashat Vayishlach, we read about the encounter between Jacob and Esau when Jacob is finally returning home. I hold a very different view about Esau than most of our sages and even our prophets who have given him such a terrible reputation… “Yes, I […]