The holiday of Purim, while not in Torah is a wonderful time to remember that our Creator has always been with us. He is not mentioned once in the Book of Esther, Megilat Esther yet His Presence is seen throughout as He works behind the scenes to defeat evil in whatever form it takes.  This book has been seen more as a midrash than an actual historical event nonetheless it gives us hope that we too can be chosen for such a time as this.  Please join us to celebrate our victory over evil and redemption from almost total annihilation. Wear your costumes as there will be a fashion show judging the best costumes.  We look forward to eating hamantaschen with you and your friends and family.  Reserve your tickets soon as space is limited.  Your donations to our She’ar Yashuv Community Centre are always welcome.  Chag Purim Sameach!

Sunday March 24th, 2 PM at 5200 de la Savane #280. Tickets $5 per person 7 and over.

RSVP early to info@shearyashuv.com or 514-481-4579.