Each year our Shabbaton takes on a face of its own. This year was so special as those there had all pitched in to make it a very wonderful time.  The sounding of the shofar is always a call for us to pay attention; our Creator is speaking to us and we need to listen.  We are living in a time when few people are open to listen to the morality handed down to Moshe Rabeinu in the form of the Ten Commandments.  These Festivals from Yom Teruah through Yom Kippur, Sukkoth and culminating with Shemini Atzeret, are all Shabbats, the fourth Commandment.  How easy it is to overlook them and celebrate in our own way at our own time and convenience!  We hope that more and more people will throw off their religious clothing without throwing away the simple Words of the Bore Olam, the Creator.  We wish you all a healthy happy year and that our names would be sealed in His Book of Life.