Kehilat She’ar Yashuv (KSY) קהילת שאר ישוב  is a Torah-based Congregation at 8255 Mountain Sights, suite 225, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We meet every Shabbat at 10:30 AM. The morning services are followed by Oneg where everyone brings food to share. At around 2:30 PM we sit around the table with the rabbi and discuss the Torah. We are open to both Jews and Gentiles of every nationality who want to learn how to live a life based on the principles of the Torah. Our Rabbi teaches a Paradigm Shift in how we view the Torah; that the foundation of our faith is the Ten Commandments or the Ten Words.  Everything written after this is mere commentary.  To obey these Commandments given to us by the Creator through Moshe ( Moses) is the true religion and is how to have a real relationship with the Creator.

We understand Yeshua ben Yosef as the messiah according to his Biblical and Hebraic context before any other religions changed his identity. We consider ourselves Shomer Torah.   Here Jews can remain Jewish and Gentiles can remain Gentiles. We do not abandon nor betray our communities or families. We are simply coming under the covering of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Rabbi Yeshua’s role was to complete what Moshe Rabeinu had done. He brought the Torah to all the nations as Israel was meant to do — to be “ohr l’goyim” , a light to the nations.  He told us himself that he did not come to abolish the Torah but to bring his people back to Torah. Neither he nor his talmidim (students), including Rav Shaul aka Paul formed a new religion. They were all devout followers of the Torah. When Jewish believers in Yeshua leave their roots and convert to another religion they are abandoning the God of Israel and His Torah. We are stepping back in time and reclaiming our true Biblical heritage. The Torah gives us boundaries within which we can live a full and rich life.  Instead of conversion to any religion we learn about the transforming power of the living Word of God, the Torah.

We are fulfilling our calling as B’nei Israel (children of Israel) of bringing the written Torah and especially the Ten Commandments to all the nations. This is especially important in light of all what is happening in the world today. People are leaving their religions with which they have become disillusioned. Sadly they throw out the baby with the bath water, i.e. they turn away from the Creator. He did not create religion, man did. Fanaticism is on the rise on every front and political correctness does not allow the Truth to be told. Yeshua  taught us “you shall know the Truth (which refers to the Creator) and the Truth (the Creator) shall make you free.”  The Torah is as alive today as it was when Moshe received it on Mount Sinai and it is our duty and calling to teach its principles to all who want to learn. The “Ger” or “Stranger among us” has the same rights and responsibility to observe all that the written Torah requires (Numbers 15:15) contrary to what the religious leaders teach.

Jews and Gerim are united under the banner of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  As it is written “…for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples”  Isaiah 56:7b  כִּי בֵיתִי, בֵּית-תְּפִלָּה יִקָּרֵא לְכָל-הָעַמִּים

You are invited to visit our community as we build a better future for our children. Join us for our Shabbat services which are held every Saturday at 10:30 AM and for all our Holiday Services. 

We are also a registered charitable organization in the United States named She’ar Yashuv International.