Kehilat She’ar Yashuv (KSY) קהילת שאר ישוב is a Shomer Torah Congregation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada open to both Jews and Gentiles of every nationality who want to learn how to live a Torah filled life. We base this on the principles of the Ten Commandments given by the Bore Olam to Moshe at Mt. Sinai. Through these we learn how to live in accordance with the principles in the Written Torah.  There are four important steps…1) Take the gift of emunah (faith) given to every human being at conception by the Creator; 2) Turn it to bitachon (trust) by putting faith into action; 3) Use His gift of bechirah chofshit (free will) to take responsibility for our actions and finally to know that we will be judged by our kavanah, (intention of our hearts). This is true teshuva (turning to the God of Israel); in other words, to have an intimate relationship with the Creator.

All later writings are application and commentary of the Ten.  If any later writings do not agree with the Torah we simply see them as man’s ideas and can choose to disregard them.